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Mehek Malhotra Colors, Textures, Laughter, Nostalgia & lots of GIGGLING.

The colourful and brilliant designs of Mehek Malhotra, a young designer based in Mumbai, India, are well-known for their fusion of modern aesthetics with traditional Indian elements. Malhotra, who has experience in graphic design, visual communication, and drawing, has made a name for herself in the competitive Indian design industry. Her portfolio features a wide range of projects in fields as diverse as product design, packaging, brand identity, and more.
India is where Mehek Malhotra spent her formative years. Her early years were spent absorbing visual culture, during which her budding interest in art and design flourished. She continued her education by earning a Bachelor of Design degree with a concentration in visual communication and graphic design. Her formal education laid the groundwork for her to develop her abilities and explore other forms of expression. She was awarded 25 under 25 in 2015 by TATA Nano and Campus Diaries for the field of Art + Design and was recognised in the Power 25 List of the Rolling Stone Magazine in 2023.

Mehek started the graphic design, illustration, and branding studio Giggling Monkey Studio. She has done work for well-known customers like major corporations, young businesses, and non-governmental organisations through her studio. Malhotra's work is readily recognisable for its emphasis on whimsical shapes and vivid patterns. The creative methods used by Giggling Monkey Studio have earned them praise and a dedicated following; with clients such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and others, as well as smaller businesses, to help them find their creative voice and place in Indian markets. The studio loves to collaborate and produce work for music; this has led to numerous projects for various artists, most recently with the Berklee Indian Ensemble, whose album was nominated for the 2023 Grammys.

She is also the Creative Lead for India at Canva. Canva is a website that lets people design and makes beautiful graphics. This makes design more accessible for everyone to use and understand.

Numerous organisations and publications have recognised and displayed her work, including Buzzfeed, Rolling Stone Magazine, TED, Vogue, Hindustan Times, and Cosmopolitan. Mehek's passion for art and her dedication to her craft have propelled her to the top of her field, and she continues to inspire and entertain audiences with her unique and captivating work, with the core of her heart making her craft more accessible and understood so more people can aspire to work as creatives in India.